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Not anyone can create a holistic marketing strategy that incorporates web page optimization, awesome paid campaigns creation, content marketing, and web design and development. Yes, you heard me right. It takes years of experience and analytical skills to craft the perfect holistic marketing campaign for a specific business goal.

We, at Blue Cherry, are among the best SEM marketing agencies in the USA. We make use of digital marketing mix to drive the desired results on time. So, if you’re looking for the best SEM marketing agency to help your business grow instantly, feel free to call us at 646-290-8127 or email us at

When Do You Need an SEM Marketing Company?

As there are multiple marketing techniques in the digital world, you might wonder why do you need to invest in search engine marketing? Let me clarify. SEM is for the businesses that are looking forward to boosting their branding or sales instantly. 

When you pick an SEM Marketing Company like Blue Cherry, they analyze your products/services and customer base to craft ads campaigns for search engines (mostly Google) to get you instant results. Along with this the company will also work on optimizing your webpages for organic growth that will lead to the most efficient and effective marketing channel. It means that you as a business owner start seeing the results almost immediately.

Best SEM Marketing Agency | SEM Marketing Company In The USA

What Services Do We Offer With SEM?

We, at Blue Cherry, are experts in every area of search engine marketing. Most of our SEM strategies begin with paid ads accompanied by on-page optimization that ensures instant results while building the organic growth fundamentals.

Following is our service line for SEM.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

The SEM service that most small-large scale businesses prefer at the beginning of every new campaign. It is a paid advertising model where you pay only for the clicks (users) you get through your ads on the search engine and their affiliated sites.

Proficiency in PPC requires analytical skills as it runs like an auction system. The campaign manager researches domain specific keywords, decide the amount they would spend for each click, and try to beat the competitors. Campaigns or companies with higher bid for a specific keyword show above other companies with lower bid.

Our PPC experts at Blue Cherry craft ad campaigns keeping the ROI in consideration.

2. Keyword Discovery

Keywords are the heart of SEM campaigns. Everything we target is associated with the search queries your potential customer would make. While most of the inefficient SEM marketing companies would target a pool of keywords for their campaigns, we on the other hand categorize the keywords according to the user intent and then create ad campaigns around that.

We make use of Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, and Moz to search for your domain specific keywords. Sometimes we have to create new web pages or blogs or optimize existing web pages based on those keywords to optimize the ad spend and click through rate.

3. Content Marketing

With content we mean everything that we add to your site – be it images, text, videos, graphics, interactives or more. Typically we start with adding keyword-focused pages to your website. In addition to the web pages following are the type of content we publish as a part of content marketing strategy:

Blogs/Articles: Spreading information about your product/service, answering common queries.

Longform and 10x Content: With the help of images and videos, explaining specific topics related to your business.

Infographics: Visualizing data and information in an eye-catching manner to generate branding and earn back links.

Posting Videos: Engaging with your customers in a more interactive way by publishing relevant videos on Youtube, Instagram, and your website.

We align content marketing strategy with SEO to drive better results.

4. Reputation Management

The activities we conduct with this service line of SEM include handling negative company/product reviews, negative press, and many other online information that is harmful for your company branding.

Trust me on this. Not any SEM marketing company can undertake reputation management. It takes experience in PR management. You can reach out to us to know our strategy of reputation management.

5. Creating Sales Funnel

Getting traffic to your site is one thing, converting that traffic into sales is another thing. We, at Blue Cherry, have marketing experts that are dexterous in creating astonishing sales funnels. We focus on encouraging your website visitors to reach out to your via any of the contact methods.

6. Remarketing

Remarketing is effective. The average CTR for remarketing campaigns is 10 times higher than regular ads. We optimize the remarketing campaigns to target only those customers who have been either one of your visitors or a previous buyer. Display banner ads and search ads are among the types we make use while remarketing.

Blue Cherry Group is the best SEM marketing agency in the USA. We’re the home for some of the best SEM campaigns run so far. We’ve already helped hundreds of businesses excel in the market, and we can help you too.

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