Amazon is by far one of the most powerful online retailers out there. If you walk the streets of NYC and see UPS or Fedex drivers delivering boxes, it’s very unusual NOT to see an Amazon branded box in the mix.

Retailers across the country have been struggling with ‘showrooming’ where consumers would walk into a Best Buy or some other big box retailer, whip out their phones and do a price comparison on Amazon for the same product.  This has definitely fueled Amazon’s growth.

So this is exactly where Amazon is protecting itself after Jeff Bezos accidentally bought Whole Foods using the Amazon Echo (joking).  Amazon already knows that in order to succeed at retail, they need to give customers peace of mind that their dollar is getting the most value.

Though I wouldn’t call it fair though I also would believe that there are very creative developers out there who will figure out how to get around this patent since patents are processes and not result oriented.

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