What’s More Important: Revenue or Profit

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What's More Important: Revenue or Profit? The holiday season is coming to an end shortly. This season we saw a huge strategy shift from many of our clients. Last year, they were pushing top line revenue at the expense of margin. Normally, many brands that we work with have a 50-70% margin on their products

The 3 most common (head scratching) mistakes I find:

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I love where I work. I love the challenge, I love the work, and I especially love it when we beat projections for a client by the 20th of the month (which happens more than you think). My biggest frustration (which it shouldn’t be) is when I find work from other agencies that we get

It’s September: Are you ready for Black Friday? (Seriously)

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Yes, it’s September. School is starting again and as everyone heads off the beach and back to normal everyday life, while brands are busy preparing for the holiday season.  It’s by far not an easy task, especially this year. To understand this in context, it’s important to review some past years’ holiday season. It was

[Summary]: Will People-Based Marketing Take Over?

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Online marketing is changing all the time. One of the biggest new developments of the last few years is the rise of people-based marketing (PBM). PBM is starting to replace older marketing technologies, such as third-party cookies, and many marketers think it’s the wave of the future. So what exactly is PBM? In a nutshell,

Forget Gen Y, You Should be Targeting Gen Z. Find Out How and Why.

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How to reach “millennials on steroids,” according to Business Insider – young adults born between 1996 and 2010 – is the conversation marketers around the world are having right now. Millennials, the eldest of which are now well into their thirties, are moving aside in the business world to make room for their younger counterparts.

Affiliate Marketing – Is it Right For YOUR Business?

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As I’ve been saying and leading for the past 10 years, affiliate marketing is a great complement to your digital marketing strategy.  If grown and managed properly, it can generate 20% of your overall revenue at a fraction of the costs of CPCs. To build a program from scratch or to take an existing struggling

Is Amazon Playing Fair? What Do You Think!

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Amazon is by far one of the most powerful online retailers out there. If you walk the streets of NYC and see UPS or Fedex drivers delivering boxes, it’s very unusual NOT to see an Amazon branded box in the mix. Retailers across the country have been struggling with ‘showrooming’ where consumers would walk into

How Can You Succeed with a Digital Strategy Without an Unlimited Budget

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So we always read about different companies and how they are succeeding with a digital strategy that captures 200 million people. Under Armour is doing exactly that by integrating a workout app and experience with their product. Then they track your fitness efforts via their app while wearing their clothes. What Under Armour did is

How to Pick the Right Influencer(s):

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Our world has changed drastically. Brands would spend hundreds of thousands, even millions to be ‘endorsed’ by celebrities.  After every news show, you can see that a specific brand is featured because the host was wearing that suit or dress. Most people under 29 don’t pay for cable. In fact, many are watching TV on

Google + Walmart VS. Amazon – Who’s Going to Win?

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Walmart and Google signed a deal recently to partner up against Amazon (sort of).  Amazon is obviously the big elephant in the room when everyone is sitting in Walmart’s board meetings but this partnership with Google is one of the steps Google and Walmart are both trying to box Amazon out of the way. LET’S

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