Professional Affiliate Program Management Services for your Business

Looking for a comprehensive and effective marketing method for soaring business growth? We at Blue Cherry help you aim for sky-rocketing results with a cost-effective marketing plan.

We specialize in affiliate program management ensuring increased brand awareness and lead generation. Our experienced team of managers provides you with effective strategies and unique approaches that are tailored for your business to get you maximum results for every dollar spent. Our plethora of services includes- 

Recruiting the affiliates best suited for your brand: 

We personally select affiliates leaving no room for any doubts on a great ROI.

Progress Reports:

We encourage creative design and promotions, and maintain a smooth

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communication & co-ordination between you and the affiliates. We ensure to send you regular updates and progress reports so you are always in-the-know.

Our Digital Services include:

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, predictive analytics, Amazon Paid Advertising and more!

Read more to know and understand about our Affiliate marketing services, our uniqueness, and the benefits offered. 

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Why choose us for your affiliate program management?

1. Develop an effective affiliate management program that works for you!

For brands planning to start from scratch, who have no idea about what and how affiliate marketing works, brands who lack the bandwidth, Blue Cherry can be your ultimate team. 

Our team of experienced affiliate managers helps align your program with your brand goals. We design a customized recruit for the best affiliates as per your program objective. We advise on platforms and mediums best suitable and create a complete flow and pattern of implementation to avoid any hassle.

Professional Affiliate Program Management Services for your business

We don’t just leave it at that. We also train and educate the associated affiliates about the programs, goals, and terms. Our highly competent team thoroughly monitors your program and affiliates providing regular updates and analyzing the performance at regular intervals for improvements.  

2. Strategic Specialized Approach for growth

We at Blue Cherry are determined to work and provide you with incremental results. Our knowledge about affiliate programs helps us be strategic and design the most suitable and fruitful programs for you. We provide your program with expert resources, evaluate the affiliates at regular intervals to understand if they are providing you with the benefits and value of money. 

This process enables you to accelerate your brand awareness with long-term growth. 

Additionally, to support your program, we create partnership agreements and negotiate on your behalf. We also look for efficient partners who can attract higher ROI for the money you spend. 

You have an option to choose Optimization via either paid placements or increased commissions for additional brand exposure. Auditing your promotions and the published content is a part of our optimization process. We use our specialized strategic approach to incorporate various social media platforms on which your affiliates can continue the promotion. 

Our team? (We certainly have the best!) Our affiliate program managers guarantee frequent and consistent communication to optimize the affiliates’ performance and successfully manage affiliates and affiliate programs, thereby leading to accessibility to new customers and higher sales.

What sets us apart from the rest as your affiliate management program? 

1. Strong Recommendations

At Blue Cherry, we do not stop with just creating a program. We understand and work continuously as a team to maximize your program. 

Our strong recommendations in terms of new partnership opportunities and affiliates are definite to enhance the performance of your program. With in-depth know-how of this ecosystem, we provide custom reports and abundance of data and analysis, with your required end goal in mind. We consistently provide you with the latest reporting and analytics to check on your affiliates’ performance.

This enables you to clearly understand your ROI and areas of better outcomes. Our insights are based on your objectives and goals to achieve. 

2. The utilization of latest Opportunities

Our affiliate program utilizes the booming social media market and enables affiliates to use digital marketing to promote necessary social content and enlarge the customer base. 

Our content strategy helps to grab customer attention through our affiliates on various social media channels. Our affiliate team is always in touch with the affiliates and constantly keeps them updated with the latest happenings.

Our close communication system between our affiliates and affiliate team enables more monitoring of our affiliate’s progress and effectively getting the message of your brand out to the target audience while utilizing the latest opportunities.

3. Robust Expansion

For companies and brands already working with a program and looking to expand in other US regions, we provide you with ground people and affiliates in required countries or regions. We map out the right individuals and facilitate communications on your behalf. 

We aim to identify and provide impartial partners who are strong. They are assessed based on their ability to deliver right. As we aim for long-term benefit, we ensure the partners are experienced to provide continued success. 

We believe in fewer complexities. Thus, we formulate and work upon strict plans. These are based on regions and areas. Our streamlined communication mentors the partners in the right direction. We provide the best strategy with the latest affiliate practices. We adhere to policies and protocols that are the same for everyone who is a part of the program. We do not negotiate on quality irrespective of regions or areas. 

We aim to always deliver a high-quality affiliate program that guarantees higher business growth and profits. 

Here are some highlights of why choose Blue Cherry Group as your affiliate management program

We customize and provide unique program strategies to achieve your goals.

  • We provide you with the best affiliate partners that will best suit your brand, commission structures, and goals. 
  • Consistently evaluate your program affiliates to ensure you are getting the most value for your money and constantly help you expand and improve your program’s affiliates to provide you with better results and efficiency.
  • Our affiliate managers handle all negotiations with affiliates on behalf of your brand.
  • Our affiliate program manager monitors for any fraud payment violations as well as any deceiving practices by affiliates.
  • We provide you with an in-depth and precise ROI analysis of the affiliate program.
  • Our expert team and affiliate managers provide you with the well thought out decision on how to launch and grow your affiliate marketing program to achieve the best ROI and long-term customer acquisition.

We ensure a long-term partnership with all our clients. 

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