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Blue Cherry Group is an affiliate advertising company that gets measurable results for our clients in multiple sectors across the globe. We’re strategic in the approach that we take to improve programs of all types to ensure our customers get a high return on investment. We focus on building brands and increasing their exposure, generating sales, and increasing profitability. Anyone looking to work with an affiliate advertising agency finds our company is among the best in the nation. We strive to exceed the highest expectations of our customers by delivering measurable results daily.

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What to Expect When Working with an Affiliate Advertising Agency

Working with an affiliate advertising agency allows customers to accomplish several things. The first is that it takes their performance marketing channel and determines what to do to get fast and favorable results. A company such as Blue Cherry evaluates possible solutions and selects a course of action that allows its customers to thrive. The areas of emphasis are generating revenue, expanding marketing efforts, and reducing fraud. That way, people can see a return on investment quickly.

We base the support we provide for digital marketing programs on data and successful marketing strategies with proven results. The high demand for our service is due in part to our ability to manage affiliate marketing campaigns and programs for our customers. Time is scarce these days and having a knowledgeable affiliate advertising company by a person’s side is imperative. We take care of all the details from start to finish so that our customers are able to focus their energy and efforts on other tasks.

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Staying in excellent communication with employees to provide up-to-date and accurate reporting is our mission. We abide by practices that maintain the integrity of affiliate marketing. We study current trends so that we can implement them into the program we create for our customers. Our team of professionals works diligently to provide measurable results by leveraging the data studied and implementing an effective action plan.

What Affiliates Do for Our Customers

Affiliates extend the reach of businesses of all sizes by promoting them frequently. They drive traffic to websites and provide valuable content that reaches many people at once. Companies wanting to benefit from affiliate marketing partners, aka publishers, determine what affiliate rewards will be throughout the year. An affiliate advertising agency encourages its affiliates to tap into their creativity in a multitude of ways. For example, they may extend the reach of a business through blogs, vlogs, and social media posts. Creating content that people can engage with provides companies with the opportunity to follow up on leads and even offer new products and services because of the feedback provided.

Top affiliates can earn significant rewards in little time. They know the value of creating better brand awareness and pulling out all of their tools to ensure that the businesses they promote get positive exposure. Using top affiliate marketers gives companies the chance to tap into a fan-following that has steadily increased throughout the years.

Affiliates are often focused on niches, too, making it possible for our customers to help a brand be seen in places that it may not have had access to before. An affiliate advertising company like ours allows businesses to partner with specific blogs and websites to attract the ideal customer. It’s an affordable way to tap into an affiliate’s established following to produce more consistent leads.

There is minimal risk and maximum rewards when working with publishers. Affiliates must consistently make sales on behalf of a business to earn a commission. It’s a process known as performance marketing and very lucrative. If a sale occurs because of an affiliate, they receive either a percentage of the sale or a fixed fee. Confirmation must occur before the company submits payment, and there is often a 45-day window between payouts to ensure that a refund for a product or service purchased through an affiliate link didn’t occur during that time frame.

Why Businesses Should Work with Blue Cherry Group

Blue Cherry Group, the best affiliate advertising agency, offers a full range of services for businesses to make use of today. Each provides outstanding benefits with targeted results. To help our customers better understand each service offered, we’ve explained them in detail below.


The more affiliates a company has, the better. In addition to fostering relationships with existing publishers, we continually recruit new affiliates to amplify a business and its marketing efforts.

Publisher Communication

A strong relationship with publishers ensures that our customers don’t miss an opportunity to sell. We get to know affiliates so that we’re able to offer them what they need to thrive at affiliate marketing.

Product Catalog Management

We manage a company’s catalog of products to ensure maximum affiliate interaction. Doing so allows publishers to pick the products that interest them the most to promote.

Search Policy Enforcement

Protecting brands is our number one priority. We have a team that uses proprietary crawlers and technology to outsource to search terms related to our customers’ businesses.

Creative Service

We have a graphic designer and copywriter in-house to assist our customers with perfecting the messages they use to attract affiliates. Working with us gives businesses access to the professionals who create ad copy and banners specific to their needs.

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