Bobby missry

“Blue Cherry has been a partner for 10+ years to help grow our business. The keyword here is that they are a partner and not just another vendor”

Bobby Missry, Full Beauty Brands
Amy Kniss EDIT

“Blue Cherry does an exceptional job providing hands-on support to their clients and managing a team that is engaged in growing our performance/affiliate marketing program as well as our search and campaigns. They are successfully doing both. It is a pleasure working with the. I highly recommend them.”

Amy Kniss, Millenial Brands
Andy Fenstermaker

“More than any CPC company I have worked with, Blue Cherry gets it. They understand numbers beyond paid ads, numbers that impact a company’s bottom line. They’re technologically savvy, adept at scaling around seasonality and experts at providing detailed explanations on how things work and then why behind them. I’ve enjoyed working with them for nearly a year, and feel confident in their ability to optimize our accounts to their evolving goals.”

Andy Fenstermaker, Vaughn Premier LTD.


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Discovery & Success Plan

The first step in any engagement is to understand what our advertiser’s business is all about and to dig deep into the history of each account. From both, we utilize historical data to see what has been successful and what hasn’t and build a master plan to increase revenue and profit for our advertisers.



On-boarding involve many different aspects from technical implementations to graphics and brand messaging. We ensure that our clients’ brands are protected and that we have all the tools and knowledge necessary to scale our clients’ businesses


Structure & Scale

Based on the success plan, we execute and ensure that our advertisers are seeing revenue and profit growth from our efforts. After a few months, most of our advertisers see a 20% – 50% increase in revenue and profits from our efforts.