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    Search Engine Marketing  

Search Engine Marketing is a powerful channel and should be a core component of any online marketing program. Blue Cherry Group’s full service, proprietary technology and relationships with the engines enable advertisers to effectively scale programs to achieve results. With millions of keywords under management and a comprehensive approach including paid placement, paid inclusion and Search Engine Optimization, Blue Cherry Group is the clear leader in this space.
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    Affiliate Marketing Management  

Affiliate Marketing is a fast-growing, performance-based channel for marketing your online business. In an Affiliate Program, you donít pay for clicks or impressions, you pay for genuine, tracked sales. Thousands of publishers all over the world place your ads on their websites, feature your products, deals and offers, purchase ad placements, write marketing content and find many other ways to promote your business, and you donít pay unless it converts into a sale.

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    Datafeed Management & Optimization  

Blue Cherry Group developed OfferPoint to automate cross-functional processes and scale data feed marketing programs. The OfferPoint technology focuses on distribution, data feed enablement, optimization and logistics to fully automate and improve data feed delivery and performance for valued clients
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